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The Eclipse™ Brand - Overshadow your competition !

What is Eclipse™

Eclipse™ (by GenPOS) is the trade-name for a complete line of quality POS hardware solutions designed with performance, durability and affordability foremost in mind. The complete line-card of Eclipse™ POS solutions includes a wide variety of exceptional POS hardware products such as All-in-One POS Terminals, LCD Touch Monitors, Mobile POS Tablets, Bar-Code Scanners, Receipt and Kitchen Printers, Mag Card Readers, Customer Displays and Cash Drawers. Eclipse™ POS Solutions are distributed worldwide through a network of select distributor and authorized reseller partners & certified ISV partners.

All Eclipse™ products are designed from the ground up from what our reseller partners have told us they needed: We’ve listened, we’ve designed it and sourced it and now, we are delivering it. Each product goes through a stringent R&D process that guarantees exceptional quality across our whole line-card. All Eclipse™ products are based on industry standards and use almost exclusively standard components, making them easy to service and support. Our alliances with key component manufacturers provide a high degree of quality and performance in an easy to grasp value throughout our whole line-card.

How we got here

Eclipse™ has been a recognized POS brand name in Canada for many years, growing from a background of corporate IT technologies and high-quality R&D and touschscreen products design. Initialy a line of POS All-in-one Terminals born around 2005, the Eclipse™ line of POS hardware solutions has now grown to encompass a full-features line-up of quality and performance products. From our first All-in-One POS terminal, the Eclipse™ 1500C, which remains our flagship, the line has expended into LCD touch monitors over the past years. More rencently, over the past 3 years, the Eclipse™ brand has grown its line-up to include such POS peripherals as bar-code scanners, cash drawers, customer-displays and receipt printers. Our team of technology experts and established R&D researchers continue to improve the technologies we use and the product line, bringing you the best and the latest in POS hardware solutions. Eclipse™ POS hardware products (by GenPOS) are designed and manufactured from over 20 years of technology and POS know-how and our expertise is proven. With a mature product line-up and growing market shares, the Eclipse™ brand is branching out into new territories and growing the reseller and distributor channel, bringing you our quality and performance products today.

Where we are going

With a mature product line-up available and growing market shares in the POS vertical, the Eclipse™ brand (by GenPOS) is now branching out into new territories, seeking new resellers and new distributors to grow our channel. Our goal and purpose is to bring you our quality and performance products, today. As a reseller or distributor of POS solutions who chose to endorse Eclipse™ products, you make the choice of associating with quality, performance and the best price point there is. The Eclipse™ brand of POS products should be your next choice for POS hardware and to partner with growing excellence !