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Eclipse™ Ultra-Durable Touch Panels [UDT]

Only by Eclipse™ : Touch Panels with UDT (Ultra-Durable Touch) Technology.

We love to make your life easier and that's why we've come up with our new and unique UDT (Ultra-Durable Touch) technology**.

UDT is a new breed of 5W-Resistive touch panels built to be ultra-durable: To resist more than just the usual wear and tear. These panels can take some abuse! The days of support calls due to scratched panels or lightly damaged panels are now over, thanks to Eclipse™ UDT.

Products equipped with UDT are designed to resist common and uncommon abuse and damage such as:

  • Scratches and nicks from credit card corners
  • Scratches from ball-point pens
  • Scratches from hardened nails
  • Scratches from jewelry
  • Damage from knives, blades and other sharp objects (yes, we tested that!)
  • Damage due to sanding the panel (yes, we sanded a panel and it worked fine!)
  • And much more!

** Available on select Eclipse™ All-in-One terminals and select Eclipse™ LCD touch monitors.