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Solutions that fit your needs

Eclipse™ (by GenPOS) is the trade-name for a complete line of quality POS hardware solutions designed with performance, durability and affordability foremost in mind. The complete line-card of Eclipse™POS solutions includes a wide variety of exceptional POS hardware products designed to respond to different industry needs. When you chose Eclipse™ (by GenPOS) POS Solutions, you make the logical choice for your POS hardware needs. All Eclipse™ authorized reseller partners and certified ISV partners have been thoroughly selected for their high quality services and products and all of us work together to provide customers with a high performance POS solution that will meet their commercial, budgetary and technological challenges in a single and complete platform. By choosing Eclipse™ POS solutions for your POS needs, you make sure that you have a uniform solution that works together to save you money and lets you concentrate on your core business, be it hospitality, retail , healthcare or supply chain management.